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We work with consulting based on the constant involvement with client-companie's activities, which maks it possible to identify their needs, and corresponding development of unique solutions.


Consultancy and
Business Advisory
  • Business Negotiations. 

  • Company Reorganization Processes. 

  • Termination, Consolidation and Incorporation Processes. 

  • Struture design and centralization (CSC).

Tax and Social-Security Consulting and Advisory
  • Review of the Federal, State and Municipal Tax Burden. 

  • Consistency with Federal, State and Municipal Accessory Obligations. 

  • Consultancy on Direct, Indirect Taxes and Contributions. 

  • Review and Advice on Social Security Routines. 

  • Management of Tax and Social Security Liabilities. 

  • Recovery of Tax Credits. 

  • Follow-up of Procedures in Inspections. 

  • Consulting and Achievement of Special Regimes with Public Authorities.      

  • Guidance, Installation and Advice to Tax Committees.

  • Tax Planning and Tax Economy.

  • Due Diligence Processes.

  • Seminar and Training Sessions.

  • Business Diagnosis.

  • Revisão Fiscal e Contábil.


  • Revisão dos Procedimentos Operacionais.

  • Review of Financial Statements.

  • Final Repost with Risks and Opportunities.





With the merger of the companies SJ CONTABILIDADE and CHALFUN&CASTRO Sociedade de Advogados, 2Gether Consulting combines tax expertise with an accounting/tax and corporate view, offering differentiated services for the high degree of specialization, personalized service and focus on the client.

We work with consulting based on the constant involvement with the client-companie's activities, which allows the identification of their needs and corresponding development of unique solutions.

Felipe Chalfun has a Law degree from Puc-Minas, 2001. Consultant of companies, expert in Business Law, working in the area for more than 20 years. Felipe holds a graduate degree in Tax Law from the IEC of Puc-Minas and LL-M in Corporate Law by IBMEC. Author of several Academic Articles specialized in the area of Business Law.


Jefferson Nascimento Amaral has a Bachelor degree in Accounting from Fumec in 2002. Consultant and Auditor of companies in the Accounting, Tax and Business Advisory areas. Jefferson holds a graduation degree in Controllership and Finance from UFMG and an MBA in Tax Management from Universidade Cândido Mendes/RJ. As a lecturer and Professor, he worked in the academic field, having written several works and related articles in the areas in which he works. Member of SJ CONTABILIDADE, a company specialized in Consulting, Advice and Audit.

Josenildo Pedreira Mendes, Accountant from Centro Universitário Newton Paiva, and holder of a graduation degree in Tax Law from Universidade Gama Filho, Professor for the Graduation course at PUCMINAS and Instituto FACEB, Member and Director of Accounting, Fiscal, Tax and Corporate Consulting at BAKER TILLY MG Auditores Independentes and CLR Auditores e Consultores.





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